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«Etheric Threads» Course

Course Curators:

Kuan Yin Goddess, Archangel Raphael, St. Pantaleon, and the Her Excellency Mother of Mercy, Mother of God.

The Etheric Threads Course offers you a special technology of the Deities’ subtle world, as a universal tool to help you restore and mend whatever you need. Gods use etheric threads to “weave” (materialize) any item, or event. You’ll somehow turn into God, so you can learn to create various things the way He does.

To attend this Course, you don’t need any deep knowledge of esoteric studies. The Saints – the Earth’s curators as Supreme Hierarchs – will tell you about a human being’s chakras and subtle bodies. Starting from scratch, you’ll end up with getting a clear understanding of the mechanisms how energies work. In addition, they will always start a stream, together with their assistants and your Guardian Angels, to work with you and other participants individually – whether you do the Course online, or listen to its recorded classes.

Saints live beyond time – energy with its features. In addition to living in the linear perspective, we can enjoy quantum time. There, energy gets initiated and maintained as constant at any point of creation – if the Supreme life calls it to be manifested, or awaken. This means that both online and recorded classes of this Course offer you similarly effective energies.

«Etheric Threads» Course Steps

Online 4D Course

«Etheric Threads» Course

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52 525 ₽

The Course has 8 lessons, one every 3 days

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